Canada’s Drag Race’s Priyanka talks All Winners 2 casting

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars‘ latest series did something different, casting all former winners.

Since then, fans have been constantly sharing which of the franchise’s winners they’d like to appear on the next All Winners season.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Canada’s Drag Race season one winner Priyanka said she often gets asked if she’d take part, and is flattered by the question.

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“To be someone’s choice to be on that show is so cool,” she said.

Speaking about who she’d love to appear on the show with, she added: “Bob [The Drag Queen]Trixie [Mattel]Aquaria, Down Under‘s Kita Mean, Krystal Versace who I’m on tour with right now. Lawrence Chaney and I would fight like cat and dog, for sure. There’s more winners out there, but that handful would be my first draft.”

Priyanka added what she’d want to work on if she was ever to return, so she wasn’t so “scared” by certain challenges.

“Design challenges and improv challenges still scare the shit out of me. If they called me tomorrow and were like: ‘Priyanka, you can go on All Winners 2‘, I’d be going to sewing school and improv classes. I can’t even handle how stressful it is.”

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PR supplied / Courtesy of Priyanka / Hallowed Grounds Productions

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Priyanka recently released her new single ‘Snatch’ featuring a verse from Drag Race UK queen Cheryl Hole, which follows on from her mega hit ‘Come Through’.

Discussing whether she ever got annoyed that fellow queen Lemon’s verse got so much attention on the song, she said: “I really am unapologetically supportive of my friends, especially because Lemon was so supportive about me on Canada’s Drag Race.

“When we were recording it, I was sitting outside thinking: ‘There is no way this isn’t going to be viral’. I was the one who prepped the one hour loop on YouTube, I made the TikTok edit for her to post . I think if you give all your friends their flowers, then we all win. As long as people listen to the music, I don’t mind.”

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