DAYS Spoilers for the week of July 25, 2022 on Days of our Lives

A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of July 25, 2022. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Danger seems to be lurking in every corner of Salem, and death steps onto the DiMeras’ doorstep once again

Alarm bells are sounded for Steve and Justin when dangerous old foe Orpheus slithers across their paths

It’s kismet for Jada and Eric, who have a chance encounter, while unlucky Nicole’s life is endangered when she crosses paths with a criminal

As Nicole’s held at gunpoint by the mugger, Eric arrives and pleads with the perpetrator to safely release his ex-wife unscathed

While a shaken Nicole is once again grateful to her former husband, Eric’s heroics don’t go unnoticed by Jada

Nicole isn’t the only one who Eric offers his comfort to, as Jada is also consoled by the ex-padre when rattled by an assailant

Nicole’s attacker isn’t initially detained, which may mean doom for another Salemite shortly thereafter

It’s a wonder Xander doesn’t feel a sense of impending doom, as he is encountered by someone he’s not eager to face again

Gwen’s visit doesn’t go exactly as she’d hoped for, while Lucas continues hoping his entire memory will return

Kate continues to support her son but doesn’t believe there’s any hope for her and Roman to reconcile

Powerhouse Pauline gives Kate something to ponder and also believes her daughter needs to stop pondering her choices

Paulina prompts Chanel to pick either Johnny or Allie once and for all, as the situation has dragged on long enough

Lovestruck twins Johnny and Allie learn who Chanel chooses to be with for the long haul, leaving either brother or sister heartbroken

Although there seems to be something familiar about him, it’s been a long time since Sonny’s brother heartbreaker Alex Kiriakis has been in Salem

Alex’s arrival surely shakes things up at the Kiriakis homestead, especially as he encounters his new stepmother

Sonny seems to have mixed feelings about his brother being back in town, while Kristen’s return from Statesville leaves several Salemites shaken

Gabi’s used to encountering issues at DiMera Enterprises, but being Kristen’s target is a bit more hazardous

While Gabi’s destined for an unexpected heartbreak, Chloe and Brady also end up in Kristen’s crosshairs

Feeling confident in their relationship, Jake and Ava have a heartfelt exchange about their time together and what might be

Sensing the future will be bright for him and Ava, Jake makes a grand, sentimental gesture by popping the question

Always believing happiness wasn’t in store for her, Ava’s elated by Jake’s proposal and accepts his engagement ring

Fate seems to have it in for Ava, as Nicole’s mugger makes her and Jake his next target, and this time, things turn deadly

Jake is shot in the gut, and soon after, his devastating death darkens the House of DiMera once more

A traumatized Ava is in anguish over her abrupt loss, while Sonny steps up once again to comfort his best friend, Chad

As the DiMera family tries to make sense of another sudden tragedy, a ruthless EJ presses a sad Chad for an answer

A brother’s death won’t stop an opportunistic EJ, who’s proving that his revenge on those who hurt him might not be served so cold, after all

In fact, a hot-under-the-collar EJ is on a streak to take back everything DiMera he can, so watch out to those who stand (or have stood) in his way

Casting scoops

Peter Reckell: Beyond Salem could be “just the beginning” of my Days of our Lives return

Alison Sweeney’s final bow?

Elia Cantu opens up about Detective Jada Hunter

Victoria Konefal out as Ciara

Robert Scott Wilson is now playing Alex Kiriakis, calls Days of our Lives character a “breath of fresh air”

Abigail Klein joins Days of our Lives as the new Stephanie Johnson

Richard Wharton joins Days of our Lives as new Dr. Rolf

A sneak peek at next week

A grief-stricken Chad confronts Sarah, believing she has answers that may help find Abigail’s murderer

Due to tests run on the baby, Shawn Christian’s paternity bombshell is bound to blow up soon, which will surely shock Shawn

Although the DiMeras are deep in mourning, it doesn’t mean that several driven family members won’t seize the day if opportunities knock

The Kiriakis mansion is aflutter with the most recent return in the family, who’s a bit more opportunistic than his kin

Jada jumps in feet first and takes the opportunity to ask Eric out, which may not land well with a certain suddenly green-eyed Salemite

Gabi’s gift to pull the wool over one’s eyes might be slipping, as Li discovers his heart’s desire has been dishonest with him

Down the Road Preview: Sizzling Summer Preview

Ron Carlivati ​​previews summer on Days of our Lives, what to expect from Beyond Salem

Abigail’s murder mystery will see a lot of Salemites spend time in the hot seat until the true killer is exposed

Between Satan, experimental drugs, and masquerades, it’s good to remember not everything (and everyone) in Salem is as it seems

Sami returns to Salem, unaware that Lucas was her kidnapper; how long can he keep her thinking that EJ was the kidnapper?

In a daytime first, a set of twins — Johnny and Allie — fall in love with the same girl; Who will Chanel choose?

Roman urges Eric to tell Nicole how he feels, but will Nicole and Rafe’s marriage keep him from opening up?

New relationships are tested by old flames, while old relationships are left in ruins due to devilish designs

Some Salemites certainly shouldn’t be messed with, as they know how to expertly craft a revenge plot for the ages

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