Drag Race’s Victoria Scone explains why she picked Canada Vs The World over UK return

When the cast for Season 4 of Drag Race UK was announced, many were surprised that Victoria Scone hadn’t returned.

The Welsh drag performer was in the cast of season 3, but had to bow out in the second episode due to an injury.

After keeping very quiet about her reasons for not returning, it was later announced she was representing the UK in the upcoming series of Drag Racing: Canada Vs The World.

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Speaking exclusively that Digital SpyVictoria explained why she picked the All Stars version over a season 4 return.

“Given the choice, for me it’s an obvious answer really,” she said. “To be able to perform and compete with international superstars, and be able to film it internationally too.

“I think I’ve made a good choice.”

Responding to whether the fact that Canada Vs The World limit a $100,000 prize attached to it affected her decision, Victoria added: “I don’t know what you mean? There’s prize money? I didn’t know.”

Joining Victoria on the cast is UK season 3’s Vanity Milan, Down Under‘s Anita Wigl’it, Drag Race US’s Silky Nutmeg Ganache and Ra’jah O’Hara, along with Canada’s Drag Race stars, season one runner up Rita Baga, season two’s Kendall Gender and Stephanie Prince, alongside the series winner Icesis Couture.

“I hadn’t met any of them before, so they were all these big superstars in my head,” Victoria added of the cast.

“Meeting them was very fabulous, very exciting and daunting, but within five minutes we’re all sisters.

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“We all share our love for the same craft and we’re all one big queer happy family, it’s very lovely.

“That’s a very Canadian answer, I do think the Canadianism has rubbed off on everyone and we’re all lovely and polite now.

“We all say sorry all the time!”

Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World premieres November 18 in Canada on Crave and November 19 in the UK on BBC iPlayer.

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