Insider Says Brad Pitt’s ‘Hatred’ Toward Angelina Jolie Led To Winery Battle, But Not So Fast

In tandem with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s ongoing divorce drama and custody issues, the two also continue to fight over a French vineyard they bought together back when they first started dating. In essence, Jolie sold off her share of the business just recently to the wine division of the Stoli group, which prompted Pitt to later sue her for what he views as an unlawful sale. New developments have since arisen in the winery battle, including one insider making claims that Pitt’s “hatred” is the real root of the problem here. But not so fast – because a different reasoning altogether has been offered.

Per reporting by Page Six, the Maleficent actress and her legal team went ahead and subpoenaed documents related to the Chateau Miravel vineyard from Brad Pitt, his business manager and his Mondo Bongo holding company. And despite Pitt’s staunch opposition, a judge in the case ruled in the former’s favor. So now, the documents in question must be turned over to her counsel immediately.

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