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The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t the only smartwatch Apple’s planning this year. A pro model is also said to be coming, and it’ll differentiate itself from Series 8 with a heavier focus on sports and workouts, providing a heavier design and longer-lasting battery life, plus the biggest display yet in an Apple Watch.

When Is the Apple Watch Pro Release Date?

Although we’re not yet sure what it’ll be called—Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Pro, etc.—Apple is said to be releasing a pro-level smartwatch. This report comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who routinely spills early news on upcoming Apple products.

The current consensus is that we’ll see this new watch during the September 7 event, the same one expected to showcase the Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14.

Estimated release date

The next Apple event is set to take place on September 7, and since Apple is expected to reveal the Apple Watch Series 8 then, it makes sense that we’ll hear about the pro Apple Watch at the same time. The actual release date for the watches is rumored to be September 16.

Apple Watch Pro Price Rumors

Like other Apple products that adopt the Pro moniker, this Apple Watch will come with pro-level features, which also means a higher price.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was announced in August and starts at $370. But there’s no way Apple will match that, considering the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to start at $399, and this is a bigger watch with higher-end materials.

Our guess? We’re looking at somewhere over $900 for this watch. Gurman backs this estimate, which is reasonable to assume when you consider the $800+ 45mm Apple Watch Edition.

Pre-Order Information

You should be able to start pre-ordering the Apple Watch Pro on Wednesday, September 7. We’ll know more on the day of the event and will provide the link here to order it from Apple’s website.

Apple Watch Pro Features

According to Mark Gurman, there are several sports-focused features we can expect.

  • A larger and more shatter-resistant display
  • Enhanced hiking and swimming tracking metrics
  • A larger battery for tracking workouts for longer
  • A heftier and rugged case

Given that this watch will be designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, it’d make sense to also see higher water resistance.

Other features like blood pressure monitoring and glucose measurements will likely make their way into the Apple Watch. However, while there are patents that show Apple is interested in this tech, there’s no indication it’ll happen this year.

Apple Watch Pro Specs and Hardware

So how big will Apple’s Pro smartwatch be? Gurman estimates a case size of 46–47mm, providing a bit more screen area than the 45mm Series 7, likely for things like fitness metrics. The display resolution will be about 410 by 502 pixels (compared to the 45mm Series 7’s 396 by 484 pixels), and it will have the same overall sharpness as existing Apple Watch models.

At a near 50mm screen size, here’s how this ~2-inch Apple Watch Pro could compare to previous Apple Watch models:

  • Original: 38mm, 42mm
  • Series 4: 40mm, 44mm
  • Series 7: 41mm, 45mm

The materials from which the watch is made will be another component that sets the pro Apple Watch apart from the regular series. The Apple Watch currently comes in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium; Apple Watch Pro is said to use a “premium, non-aluminum metal material,” which Gurman surmises will be titanium.

According to 9to5Mac, Gurman speculates the bigger battery could last “multiple days on one charge via the new low-power mode.” This new low-power mode—which probably works by pausing background activities and lowering brightness—might be exclusive to September’s Apple Watch models.

This watch is said to receive the same body temperature sensor and S8 chip as the Series 8. The temperature reader won’t provide a number like a traditional thermometer, but instead you’ll be told whether your body temperature is elevated so you can know if you should check it. And the S8 processor will reportedly offer similar performance to the S7 and S6 chips inside the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6 (ie, don’t expect major performance improvements).

Another tidbit we’re getting from Gurman is that this upgraded watch will have LTE, as opposed to Samsung’s 2022 smartwatch, which is available with LTE or just Bluetooth.

The Latest News About the Apple Watch Pro

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