Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 full fight video highlights

Watch Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 full fight video highlights from their heavyweight championship bout, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Usyk vs. Joshua 2 took place Aug. 20 at the King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Oleksadr Usyk (20-0) and Anthony Joshua (24-3) collided in the main event. The WBA, IBF, IBO, and WBO heavyweight titles were on the line. The fight aired live on DAZN pay-per-view.

Oleksandr Usyk wins via split decision (115-113 Joshua, 115-113 Usyk, 116-112 Usyk).

Catch more video highlights below.

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USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 1

Have to note that the logo on the center of the canvas became a real problem for slippage in the co-feature fight. Could be an issue here, if not right away then once the sweat and grease and oil start getting on it again.

Usyk with a good little left through Joshua’s guard. AJ standing center ring, both just sort of flicking punches out, feeling it out early. Lots of movement and feints from Usyk, as you’d expect. Joshua pushing the jab out, not landing. Joshua looking to the body, lands a right there. Usyk with another left up top. Usyk reaches for the body now. Good, hard up-jab from Usyk. Popped AJ’s head back a bit. They tie up a moment later. Left hand from Usyk again late.

Usyk 10-9

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 2

Joshua shoots a right to the body. Notable after round one that Angel Fernandez was the one talking to Joshua in the ring. Usyk continues to move and move. Joshua landing some decent shots now, though, and he’s looking to the body, then goes for a right upstairs. Left hook and a right behind from AJ, not landing but clear that he has something there. Joshua bending the knees, looks spry and smooth in there. Up-jab again from Usyk, though. AJ back with his own jab. Joshua flirting with pushing Usyk back to the ropes, but not going there yet. Right hand from Joshua. Another one gets in. Good round for AJ.

Joshua 10-9, 19-19

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 3

Joshua looks very sharp, very focused in here. He’s been a good boxer-puncher here, he’s not brawling recklessly at all. He may if it comes to that, but so far he’s fighting well without going there. Usyk with a little left, but he’s sort of peppering right now and trying to find the openings and chances to land. The peppering could help him break Joshua’s rhythm as much as anything. Joshua landing the better shots overall here, but Usyk gets a left in. He’s kept that in the holster for the most part so far, we’ll see if he opens it up more going forward.

Joshua 10-9, 29-28

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 4

This is good boxing so far, both guys doing things well. Joshua starting to look more and more like he wants to rip some power shots, but it’s not as easy as just wanting to with Usyk. Another tight round here. This is chess match-y, not in a dull way, there’s a lot of movement, looking for openings, this is just very high-level. If AJ did have the momentum, I think Usyk pushed it back a bit this round.

Usyk 10-9, 38-38

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 5

Sweeping right from AJ doesn’t land, Usyk gets the glove there. Usyk’s left to the body has been quietly doing some damage, might be building up some damage. Body shot from AJ goes low, and he knows it immediately and doesn’t try to follow up. Usyk sort of dramatically marching around as soon as it lands, looked more thigh than, you know, groin. Back to action pretty quickly, though. Think AJ is now maybe still trying to box too much, going back to the last fight. Usyk is building his own momentum now and it might it’s time for Plan B, if there is one. There wasn’t one last time. And often with AJ, there hasn’t been.

Usyk 10-9, 48-47

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 6

Joshua’s corner wants the double jab, but the jab is not being thrown with zip right now. That happened in the first fight. He started this fight with it looking sharper. Usyk just keeps moving and boxing like he does, he’s made little adjustments already. Joshua now looking for some hard shots, does get a couple body shots in. Right hook from Usyk, his combinations are starting to flow a little more. Usyk closing this round strong, shots to the head and the body, then back to the head. A close round, but I’m going with Usyk.

Usyk 10-9, 58-56

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 7

I feel like Usyk is just being himself and it’s giving AJ fits again, while AJ is now trying to be a bit too perfect, getting into his own head as much as Usyk is getting into it. AJ has fought better, but is this enough? Is there another gear? Head movement giving AJ fits. Body shot from Usyk, then a left hand. Then another left hand. And another. Joshua shoots a hook but it doesn’t get there, and nothing comes after it as Usyk gets out of range. Usyk’s cerebral nature is winning the fight again right now.

Usyk 10-9, 68-65

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 8

And now we’ve got the issue with the canvas at mid-ring, as mentioned earlier. Joshua with a good body shot just about a minute in, and another one with the left hook. Right hand up top just misses, Usyk just got out of the way there. Usyk back to peppering; when he loses the advantage in rhythm, he does that, but this time AJ goes right back to the body with good shots and Usyk has to clinch him up when he gets near the ropes. Great body shots from AJ. Usyk with a little combo, AJ back with a little right that disrupts it, and Usyk blows his nose. More good body shots from AJ after an uppercut from Usyk. Great round, and really good stuff from Joshua.

Joshua 10-9, Usyk 77-75

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 9

Joshua getting more aggressive could be what he needs, will also open him up to shots from Usyk, though. It’s risk/reward, and it’s a risk AJ probably needs to take to win this. Not that he NEEDS a KO, but you have to win rounds. Usyk more stationary this round, AJ trying to take advantage. Joshua roughing it up in close. He’s got the crowd and he’s doing some good work. Joshua throws a hammer first to the top of the head, which is truly dirty shit. He gets briefly warned, but AJ’s feeling it and trying to get at Usyk! Usyk is definitely on the retreat, tactically maybe, but all the same. Left hook from AJ, his aggression is working now! The body shots have set this up and they keep coming in, too. This is the best AJ has fought Usyk in the first fight and tonight combined, these last two rounds.

Joshua 10-9, Usyk 86-85

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 10

Usyk coming out with a more aggressive stance this round, lands a good little check hook, slips under, and now he’s landing shots! Big left from Usyk! AJ’s rocked just a bit! Usyk with another left! He knows he lost the momentum and he’s TAKING it back! Body shot from Usyk. Joshua back with a right hand! USYK rocked a bit now! Joshua goes at him but Usyk ties up. He thought a shot came in low there, but the fight goes on. Another left from Usyk, though. Uppercut and right hook from Usyk! Usyk pouring some pressure on, really landing some good shots. Joshua leans back to the ropes, that’s a bad sign. Legs look tired. Joshua trying a right, but nothing on it. Usyk not taking bait if it’s there to be taken, but another right hook, more shots, and AJ is hurt with a body and head shot again late!

Usyk 10-9, 96-94

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 11

Usyk with a hard right hook. AJ tries to find the body again, but Usyk is just swarming him now. Usyk always tying up whenever he gets near the ropes if he can’t quickly slip out. Left hand down main street from Usyk. AJ is really trying but Usyk is just better than him again at the moment. Body shot again from AJ, then a little shot on the break which Usyk acknowledges.

Usyk 10-9, 106-103

USYK vs JOSHUA: Round 12

Neither guy can think they have it won here. Usyk has to think he’s up, but he’s coming out to fight here. AJ with a body shot and a right up top. Usyk moving and peppering again. Three-punch combo from Usyk. Left hook and a right hand from AJ now! He’s gotta go for broke, but Usyk goes back to the body and then to the head. Joshua just didn’t have enough to sell out there. Usyk with a right hook as he peppers away again. Joshua with a right, then Usyk spins and keeps throwing shots. Right hook from Usyk. We’re going to the cards. I think Usyk earned it again.

Usyk 10-9, 116-112

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