Patrick’s Wedding Photos With Ex-Wife Discovered Online

As Patrick prepares to marry Thaís on 90 Day Fiancé, fans uncover photos from the wedding he had with his ex-wife, which took place in Las Vegas.

AND 90 Day Fiancé fan has found wedding pictures of Patrick Mendes’ first marriage with his ex-wife. The former weightlifter is featured on the show with his foreign girlfriend Thaís Ramone. The couple found each other through a dating app, and after spending some time together, they got engaged in Brazil. Thaís has now moved to the United States to marry her American beau, but it doesn’t seem like the couple will be able to get past their issues and eventually tie the knot. The Brazilian native thinks that Patrick is too controlling, and at the same time, she struggles with trust issues.


Dallas native Patrick has been trying to do everything to make his relationship work with Thaís, especially after how his first marriage ended. During the introduction segment of 90 Day Fiancé season 9, Patrick told cameras that he met his first wife in the gym while he was an aspiring Olympic weightlifter. The couple got married in 2017 and moved into their new home in Austin in 2018. However, after Patrick tested positive for dimethyl testosterone, his weightlifting career ended, which also impacted his married life.

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While Patrick is now gearing up to get married to Thais in Florida, a 90 Day Fiancé fan has discovered his wedding photos with his first wife. A Redditor with the username ericaworthyyy revealed they were looking for wedding vendors in Las Vegas when they found pictures from the new 90 Day Fiancé star’s first wedding. In the first picture, fans see Patrick and his ex-wife looking at each other while sporting their wedding attire. The second photo shows the reality star shedding tears while getting married to his first wife. In the third photo, Patrick can be seen with his family members, elder brother John, younger brother Matthew, and sister Tiffany.

According to that I’m getting old, Patrick’s ex-wife was working for the FBI when she first met him in late 2013. The couple started working out together, and after being together for about two years, they filed for their marriage license in January of 2017. Patrick and his first wife bought their first house together in Austin in April of 2018. But the couple started drifting apart after Patrick’s weightlifting career ended. In January 2020, Patrick’s wife filed for divorce, which was finalized in December 2020.

Patrick is now ready to move on with his Brazilian love Thais and start a new life with her in Dallas. Although the young couple seems so much in love, they would have to overcome some major issues before tying the knot. Thaís’ father doesn’t like Patrick and thinks he may be trying to take advantage of his daughter. He is against the couple’s marriage and wants Thais to return to Brazil. It will be interesting to see if Patrick and Thaís actually tie the knot in the coming episodes of 90 Day Fiancé season 9.

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Source: Starcasm, ericaworthyyy/Reddit

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