Stray’s 10 Greatest Puzzles

The orange cat that has captured the hearts of many made its debut in 2022’s Stray. The game’s uniqueness doesn’t stem from its cyberpunk, dystopian setting, or friendly robots, but from the main character being a cat. Players finally get to see the world in the third person through a feline. The gameplay consists of jumping across ledges and the occasional carpet scratch, in addition to a handful of puzzles.

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The fuzzy creature must complete specific challenges to get further in the game or sometimes just as a friendly favor. From moving barrels to finding safe codes, Stray gives players a chance to think hard while wandering as a backpack-wearing kitty.

10 Waking B-12 Is A Piece Of Cake

As the earliest puzzle in Stray, looking for a “body” to put B-12’s consciousness in is just as easy as it should be. Once players have followed the signs to the correct apartment deep in the underground city, they must sniff around the rooms to help B-12 get a physical manifestation.

After making their way into the office/storage room of sorts, the cat will hop onto stacks of old computers to retrieve batteries that will open a secret door. The door leads to a room with an inoperative robot and a companion drone that B-12’s data will be transferred into.

9 Finding The Three Notebooks Is Time-Consuming

After meeting the reclusive Momo, the cat and B-12 encourage the robot to help by searching around the city for his friends’ notebooks. While navigating through the alleys and tall buildings is fun, it does take time, and several wrong turns to find the three books.

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Of course, the journey through this area allows players to explore the neighborhood and find optional side quests, memories, and safes along the way. In addition to scouting the area, players are introduced to several unique robots that are far more intelligent and emotionally capable than most would expect.

8 Obtaining The Detergent Takes Some Exploration

Perhaps one of the earliest and trickier puzzles of Stray, getting laundry detergent might seem like an optional side quest for those exploring, but it becomes a mandatory task. Players who take the time to greet each robot in the lower city will inevitably come across a salesperson with a few items to choose from.

Eventually, one of the items is needed to progress, which takes some vigilance. The salesperson doesn’t ask for financial compensation. Instead, he asks for random items that the cat can find around. The detergent, however, will be locked away in a laundromat that only opens after causing trouble outside the shop.

7 It Takes Being A Cat To Get The Tracker

To get the tracker, the cat and B-12 must coerce Seamus into helping find the tracking device in his father’s secret lab. The only way into the lab is through a hidden door using a digital keypad tucked behind a portrait and the code hint.

The cat will do what felines do best: scratch at the hanging pictures on the wall to knock them down and uncover the keypad and message that encourages the player to observe four clocks stuck at different times. After inputting the code, a door slides open, revealing the tracker in a box that needs to be pushed off a shelf.

6 A Poncho Is Needed To Fix The Tracker

After finding the broken tracker, and their father’s notebook, Seamus is motivated to help the stray. They send the cat out to find a tech-savvy robot that can fix the tracker. After meowing around for directions, the player will discover Elliot asleep at their computer, ready to help out, but they’re surprisingly too cold to work.

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This additional requirement takes the player back to the salesman to get a cable that can be knitted into a poncho by one of the elderly robots. While the puzzle isn’t particularly challenging, it encourages the gamer to meet more robots and navigate the alleys again.

5 Destroying Cameras Is A Necessary Evil

Everyone likes to be a little rebellious sometimes, and if security cameras need to be broken for the greater good, then so be it. After the cat makes it into the upper mid-city to obtain a cassette tape from a group of dancing robots, they ask the player to destroy a few cameras surveilling them.

The task is relatively easy and takes a few hops onto balconies and signage to stand on three cameras until they break. After finding each and the best route to get to them, it is almost gratifying to hear them fall.

4 Stealing The Helmet & Vest Is Risky But Fun

To retrieve the atomic battery Clementine needs, the cat must get inside the NECO factory with help from Clem’s contact. The contact, a robot named Blazer, asks for a NECO worker vest and helmet to blend in.

This puzzle takes some time to journey through the city, wake up a sleeping worker, sneak into a hat shop for the helmet, and smuggle a vest out of the clothing shop after infiltrating the snooty owner’s cassette player. The need for stealth and hopping in boxes makes the challenge invigorating.

3 Getting The Neco Battery Takes Some Coordination

If players were unfortunate enough to experience death at the hands of the sentinels, they know to avoid the evil drones at all costs throughout the factory. Once safely inside the room where the atomic battery sits, players can exhale, but they might scratch their heads trying to figure out how to grab the object.

After a bit of searching the small room, they’ll use a mobile machine to hop a fence, find another machine, and push a lever. Once the cat has gotten both machines on the buttons on the ground, the battery is available for taking.

2 Clementine’s Hidden Message Is Detective Work

Once the cat returns to Clementine’s apartment, she’s gone, but she leaves an encrypted note. Using the symbols written at the bottom, players must put on their detective goggles to search around the apartment for the right objects.

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Broken words are found with the objects, and once all the items are located, B-12 can adequately translate the message to a complete sentence regarding Clem’s whereabouts. While the objects drawn on the note are straightforward, finding the corresponding item in a cluttered environment among similar-looking pieces makes it more challenging.

1 Finding Panels To Break Cables Is Only Hard Because It’s The End

After a heartbreaking goodbye to Clementine, the cat and B-12 will board the train to reach the control room. The stark contrast of the control room compared to the previous lively and colorful locations is immediate. Players will recognize this area as Stray’s final chapter, making the last puzzle all the more bittersweet.

The feline will be able to walk across computers and wake them up (like most cats do). Players have to break open a few electrical panels and scratch up some cords to hack into the computer system. Sadly, while overriding the computer, B-12 bids farewell to the little orange cat.

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