Women Share Stories Of Their Husbands Abandoning Them During Serious Illnesses

A woman on Twitter shared the dating profile her partner set up as she was struggling to get a correct diagnosis for her life-altering illness.

Her story was shared as part of a viral Twitter thread that is being discussed over on TikTok as women share their experiences with being abandoned in their time of need.

“Before I was properly diagnosed with multiple myeloma, they thought I had ALS. This is his dating profile I found. I’m fighting for my life, he’s out getting laid…” writes a woman named Denise.

The profile, from a man named Kevin, plainly tells other users on the dating app that his “girlfriend has ALS.”

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“It’s pretty overwhelming,” Kevin continued, “I have no desire to cheat on her but she’s not going to be around much longer.”

“I’m curious if there are any women that might be interested in someone like me.”

Denise’s story was featured in a TikTok by a woman named Diamond Monae who shared her shock over how husbands treat wives who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses.

A 2009 study showed a vast difference in the instances of partner abandonment between husbands and wives when one spouse comes down with a serious medical condition — men are seven times more likely to leave their sick wives.


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