“You simply don’t know how to run business”: Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo Blasts Iron Man 2 Star Elon Musk Yet Again After Tech Billionaire Seems Out of His Depth to Handle Twitter, Calls Him a Dictator

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, reports of major changes throughout the company have kept all media outlets busy. Many top management people were let go, while changes like app users having to pay for their verified status have brought a lot of negative publicity. And now with the reports of Musk shutting down Twitter offices to staff after multiple resignations, a public figure like Mark Ruffalo has blasted the tech billionaire who cameoed in Iron Man 2. The Hulk actor even went as far as calling him a Dictator!

Twitter in Turmoil!

For those uninitiated, Elon Musk recently gave an ultimatum to his employees to commit to a “hardcore” work environment, and hundreds of employees resigned on Thursday ahead of his ultimatum deadline. Now, the chaos has escalated as the owner just retaliated by shutting down Twitter offices to his staff members without giving them any prior intimation.

Hashtags like #RIPTwitter, #TwitterDown, #Mastodon, and #Myspace have been trending and people are sure that Musk isn’t fit to run a company like Twitter. Even the Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo has shared his opinion on Musk’s ways of handling his company, and it’s needless to say that Ruffalo’s words aren’t kind (or untrue!).

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Marvel Star Mark Ruffalo Elon Musk

Ruffalo asked Musk to leave Twitter a few days ago, and now he wrote the following in his latest tweet:

“Dear @ElonMusk, it’s not like people didn’t try to warn you. You simply don’t know how to run this kind of business. Dictators are over. “

Ruffalo is right, but publicly Hulk Smashing Musk could come back to haunt him later as clearly, the Tesla owner doesn’t take criticism very well.

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What’s Going on at Twitter…

Elon Musk may not care about Twitter anymore.
Elon Musk may not care about Twitter anymore.

As per the New York Times, the Slack team consisting of Twitter’s employees showed very low activity when Musk’s team spent days assessing messages or tweets that disapproved of or criticized his actions of firing dozens of employees. Last month, the Twitter owner claimed that the company could face bankruptcy if more cash isn’t generated in the near future. So, he has been laying people off left and right and shared plans to fire about 3,700 people in his first week. Those who opposed were let go publicly, and many other changes have been made to the working schedules of existing employees.

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Apparently, the Tesla owner has demanded that people should be ready to work for 80-hour weeks in the coming days, and no free food would be provided for them anymore. Several altercations have also been made to the company’s work-from-home policy. Twitter is at a massive crisis stage and it clearly needs someone sensible for crisis management. But who would stand against Mr. Musk? Can that even happen? It probably should, but expect some more chaos in the coming days!

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