Your horoscope for the week ahead: This new moon in Leo will help you create a fortune for yourself

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Is there a void you’ve been trying to fill? Summoning self-control could help you combat any feelings of insecurity that arise on Monday, when emotional Venus in sensitive Cancer squares optimistic Jupiter in competitive Aries. We can feel tempted to overindulge under this influence and risk unconsciously racking up bills. So if you feel compelled to validate your feelings with retail therapy, try to focus on what you already own. Make dinner at home, and keep your credit card out of reach.

Minor miscommunications could snowball into fierce arguments on Tuesday, when opinionated Mercury in proud Leo squares fiery Mars in headstrong Taurus. If you notice feelings of paranoia bubbling up, set aside some time to center your breathing, stretch your muscles and blow off steam with a quick walk in nature. Taking this moment to pause can help you reframe your perspective and gain a deeper understanding of your emotional state.

When bountiful Jupiter stations retrograde in ambitious Aries on Thursday, we’ll be called to dissect our past successes — and how exactly we created them. During this transit, do your best to eliminate distractions and shake bad habits so you can push forward. Then, you’ll be in the right headspace to receive the fruits of your labor when Jupiter resumes his forward motion in creative Pisces on Nov. 23.

You’ll also be wise to seek the path of least resistance on Thursday, when chatty Mercury in bossy Leo squares rebellious Uranus in stubborn Taurus. Adopting an attitude of forgiveness and compassion will be key as these planets clash. People may be on edge or ready to fight over minor slights, so do your best to lay low and double-check your tone over email and text.

Meanwhile, as the moon begins a new cycle in bold Leo, we’re invited to set powerful intentions. Seizing new opportunities with enthusiasm during this lunation will be aided by the moon trining lucky Jupiter, helping us to create fortune for ourselves. And paired with Mercury’s difficult square with Uranus, this new moon also has the potential to bring about change from unexpected places.

Sunday could feel like a glass-half-empty kind of day, as Mercury in Leo opposes controlling Saturn in independent Aquarius. This alignment is best experienced when you have the time to enjoy a little solitude and really examine your beliefs. It isn’t typically a good time for socializing or sharing your opinion.

We’ll have the chance to recover from this energy with the help of a sweet trine between the motivating sun in courageous Leo and idealistic Jupiter in dynamic Aries, also on Sunday. Use this time to sharpen your focus on your personal goals and seek out new opportunities for the future.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, July 25, 2022.


Try to control your reactions, Aries. You’re feeling up against the world and ready for battle this week. But anything could send you over the edge if you’re not mentally prepared to handle a single inconvenience. If you notice yourself becoming prickly, take a moment to cool down and center. You may also find yourself embarking on a more solitary career path during this time. To avoid hurt feelings, keep your plans to yourself and continue developing your next steps in secret. At the end of the week, an intriguing destination could entice you to plan your next vacation, encouraging you to think of brighter days ahead.


Stay alert to conversations involving cash this week, Taurus. If you’re managing money, there could be an error waiting to reveal itself to you or an overlooked detail that requires your attention. Use your patient spirit to navigate any muddy waters. Meanwhile, you’ll be invited to summon your inner optimist, especially when things don’t go your way. Think of this as a chance to reframe your disappointment — your failures can actually open you up to new experiences. Adopting this sunny perspective could have you considering a career change at the end of the week. It’s time to start laying the groundwork to achieve your soul’s purpose.


The key to your prosperity is flexibility, Gemini. If you’ve been dreaming of cultivating a bright financial future, stay open to new opportunities and do your best to practice healthy money habits. Meanwhile, it’s time to re-examine how you express love in your relationships. As Jupiter stations retrograde over the next four months, you’ll be encouraged to shed destructive habits that could be holding you back from creating a supportive bond. This weekend you’ll feel ready to open up your heart and mind, helping you to connect with people who inspire you. If you’re single, this could be an excellent time to meet someone who can match your impressive wit.


Are you feeling tempted to lash out at loved ones, Cancer? Instead of sharpening your claws this week, try reaching out to your family for support so that they can help you to conquer your insecurities. You may also notice nervous energy rising at work, causing you to put up your defenses or act a little irrationally. As this confusing energy descends, slow down and avoid engaging in conversations that could deflate your sweet spirit. Once you’re back on track, you’ll be able to take care of business. Meanwhile, making a daily practice of mindfulness may help you find a type of satisfaction that the material world cannot bring.


Does it feel as though you’re dancing on thin ice, Leo? If it seems that way when discussing your finances with loved ones this week, know that this tension is fueled by your passionate spirit and unique vision. Taking a moment to step outside of yourself and see someone else’s perspective could help you grow your wealth and strengthen your security in places where you’ve become stagnant. Just make sure to read the fine print when you’re ready to begin a new financial chapter. Looking back at past money mistakes could reveal an important lesson regarding your cash.


The grass is always greener, Virgo. You may find yourself envying a friend’s home, furniture or renovation this week. Avoid trying to keep up with the Joneses, as it will lead you to waste money on things that are not actual priorities. Instead, start saving so you can revisit your big ideas when you’ve got enough funds tucked away. Meanwhile, save your energy — and protect your inner peace — by dodging conflict at work. Passions could run high as ideas are tossed around, so be sure to maintain your distance. On the weekend, redirect your energy towards something that fuels your inner fire. It’s time to reclaim your independence with a new hobby that inspires you.


Your natural charisma could draw new people to you this week, Libra. However, you may not actually want their attention. Be selective of who you let into your inner circle, and watch out for energy vampires who could sap your spirit. If you’re feeling ready to take your career to the next level, it’s a good time to start drawing up the blueprint for your professional advancement. You are invited to follow your intuition and ask for what you want. Take every opportunity to network, and share your desires with friends and colleagues — you never know who could help you reach your goals.


How do you manage your jealousy, Scorpio? If you find yourself lusting after what someone else has this week, treat the situation as an opportunity to strengthen your sense of self-love. Practicing gratitude will also allow you to gain more appreciation for your blessings. Meanwhile, you could be presented with a chance to seize the wealth you seek this weekend — if you follow your instincts, and tap into your unique skills and influence. Open yourself up to receiving divine inspiration. Luck is yours for the taking, but you’ve got to work to materialize your dreams.


Don’t buy into everything you see on social media, Sagittarius. You can definitely do without whatever glistening trinket or enticing new health regimen catches your eye this week. Practice self-control, and pat yourself on the back as you fight against your lesser urges. Towards the end of the week, you may want to avoid discussing your financial habits, as it could lead to conflict. Remember that everyone has a different idea of ​​how to best care for their cash. You may also feel excited to begin a journey aimed at expanding your mind. Opportunities for travel, education and philosophical growth are all up for the taking — choose your own adventure.


Is your ideal job not all it’s cracked up to be in reality, Capricorn? Realizing that you can’t keep tabs on your competitors at all times could help you find some peace. That way, you can focus on finding a new position that suits your needs and supports your goals. If you share a living space with others, you may feel like you’re stepping on each other’s toes this week. Find some quiet time outside your home to minimize conflict. This weekend, keep your schedule open and escape into a new book or TV series. This downtime may even inspire you to dream up an exciting home-improvement project — start by meditating on how you want your space to make you feel.


Big-ticket items may look extra enticing this week, Aquarius. But if you find yourself coveting something expensive for your space, try to fight the urge to break out your wallet. Instead, use your imagination to DIY or thrift your way to your desired look. Artistic influence is one of your strong suits, so seize the opportunity to get creative. If you have a wellness goal in mind, you may want to do a bit of crowdsourcing this week. Chat with friends who can help you embark on this journey, and seek their support as you embrace new habits. Over the weekend, opening your heart will feel easy, making it an ideal time to strengthen your relationships with friends and lovers.


Hold off on discussing plans to improve your space, Pisces. Thanks to celestial clashes, disagreements surrounding your finances and home could easily spiral out of control. Tabling your conversations for a time when the mood is more suited for negotiation will serve you well. Meanwhile, a creative goal could take off if you nurture it properly, so be sure to set an intention that reflects your passion and star potential. Establishing a routine that supports reaching your goals will feel easy this week. Make space in your days to dream big and let your inner artist shine. If you keep at it, you could be blessed with the recognition you desire.

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